Can A Support Coordinator Sign A Service Agreement

When you purchase services with NDIS financing, you must agree with the service of what will be provided and how much it will cost. The agreement you make should not be written, but it is useful to have a written agreement to which you can return in the event of a subsequent problem. The written agreement may be a few emails between you and the service, or it may be a formal service agreement written by the service. One way or another, a service should not dictate everything about the agreement – it must be an agreement that all parties involved think is fair. However, the takeover questioned whether the candidate`s authority referred to conditions that were personal to the participant and that the participant had exclusive control. [15] Many suppliers are rapidly developing this human rights policy or a brilliant charter to comply with standards like this. But if we cannot even properly make the basis for a fair agreement, to what authority do we declare our commitment to human rights on an equal footing? We have all seen these 57-party service agreements that you need a lawyer to interpret them. They wrap an organization in bubble wraps, while depriving the most vulnerable party, the participant, of all protective measures. Additional expenses (i.e. items that are not covered under an NDIS participant/assignments) are the responsibility of the participants/representatives. Home /NDIS Support Coordination / How we work as a support coordinator You shouldn`t sign an agreement if you don`t fully understand what it means.

You have the right to have the service agreement in a language and format that you understand. You can also get help from family, friends, your help coordinator, the local territory coordinator or a lawyer to understand the agreement. Starting the process with myIntegra support coordination is easy. You can either fill out our online contact form or call our friendly team at 1300 937 187. Anti-competitive issues – exclusion clauses that prevent a participant from hiring an employee of the claimant in the future. These clauses are intended to control access to the claimant`s staff beyond the conclusion of the service contract. The NDIS service agreement refers to a specific clause that must be included in a service contract and states that it is tax-required for the purposes of an exemption from GST. However, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) notes that, as long as you have a written legal obligation to deliver to the NDIS participant and that this is appropriate and necessary support, as outlined in the Participant`s NDIS plan, the requirement for a written agreement is met. [3] The ATO provides some case studies that demonstrate how GST requirements can be met through other measures such as e-mail correspondence.

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