Dhbw Mannheim Learning Agreement

DhBW offers only integrated employment learning programs (JIL). The Integrated Learning (JIL) defines Integrated Work Learning (WIL) programs with mandatory internships in which the student must be employed in a single company for the duration of his or her studies and where courses and internships aim to maximize learning and knowledge transfer. [2] Recruitment is therefore carried out exclusively by cooperative educational partners, while DHBW must check only the baccalaureate. The three years of alternating studies are divided into three months alternating between the university and the cooperative educational partner. The university phases offer traditional bachelor`s training, while the other phases offer insight and professional experience in the field of cooperative educational partner. Alternate studies follow a 12-month program without interruption. Students benefit from days off as defined in the three-year employment contract signed by the student and the co-operative educational partner at the beginning of the program. Partners in DHBW Mannheim`s dual training system have automatic permission to use this service. The interlocutors of these companies are contacted and receive a company account. If this has not yet been done for your business, please email bewerberboerse@dhbw-mannheim.de. The candidates` scholarship thus completes the partner database on the DHBW (www.partner.dhbwmannheim.de/partner-datenbank/#dynstate1) website, which allows candidates to find training companies. The exchange of candidates goes even further by allowing specific contacts, identifying the interests and qualifications of the candidates.

Assistance under Erasmus is subject to a stay of at least 60 days in one of the proposed states. Subsidies are limited to 60 days. An application must be at least 6 weeks before the start of the international office. Upon request, you will receive the request for help by email under auslandnoSpam@dhbw-mannheim.de. Please refer to this table for information on the group of countries and the amount of grants. These terms of use explain to candidates the conditions under which the use of the exchange of candidates is permitted. The alternating students are put in contact with companies of systemic partners alternating to conclude a training contract and start alternating studies at the cooperative university of Mannheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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