Midland National Certification Of Trust Agreement

The Best`s Rating Report (s), reproduced on this site, appears under an A.M license. The best is not, expressly or implicitly, an endorsement of the licensee`s products or services. A.M. Best is not responsible for the transcription errors made during the presentation of Best`s Rating Reports. Midland National has enjoyed more than 110 years of growth, stability and sectoral success through its retirement and life insurance solutions. A key element of this tradition of stability is the company`s extensive product portfolio, tailored to the individual needs of private insurance professionals and businesses, and its focus on long-term sustainable growth and excellence for agents, distributors and employees. The best ratings are constantly checked and can be changed and/or confirmed. To confirm the current assessment, please visit the A.M. Best site, www.ambest.com.

On February 26, 2009, the insurer`s financial capacity was assigned the “A” (Strong) rating and, on May 14, 2020, confirmed to the Midland National Life Insurance Company that the “A” (Strong) rating is the fifth highest of the 22 ratings available as a member of Sammons ® Financial Group. Best`s Rating Reports are copyright © A.M. Best Company and cannot be reproduced or broadcast without the express written permission of A.M. Best Company. Visitors to this website have the right to print a single copy of the report (Best`s Rating Report) for personal use. Any other printing, copy or distribution is strictly prohibited. As a private company, Midland National is not subject to short-term pressure on the revenues of state-owned enterprises. Midland National focuses on long-term strategic growth, not short-term profits.

Midland National receives high annual ratings from independent reporting companies. The independent ratings of the agencies give a decisive picture of an insurer`s ability to meet its obligations to its customers. The following ratings are based on our financial strength, operational performance and the ability to fulfill obligations to our policyholders and contractors. Since 1906, Midland National has offered fixed life insurance to individuals and families in the United States. Originally founded as the Dakota Mutual Life Insurance Company and named Midland National Life Insurance Company in 1925, the company is dedicated to preserving its heritage of providing financial services to insurance companies that protect both individuals and families. Midland National`s Sammons® Corporate Markets Group offers life insurance products specifically for banks, health organizations, credit unions, businesses and public institutions. Corporate Markets Group offers life insurance products to finance future benefit obligations, such as retirement and post-retirement medical expenses. Today, sammons Corporate Markets Group is a leading provider of clean banking life insurance in our country. Midland National recently celebrated 110 years of providing quality services, financial resources, life insurance and retirement products. The company looks forward to another 100 years of providing quality products and excellent services.

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