Hospitality Nz Employment Agreement

In hospitality, it is important that you can give clear instructions and understand the instructions given to you so that you do not expose yourself or others. The Labour Inspectorate has a team of inspectors who visit New Zealand companies to ensure that their owners offer their employees the minimum employment rights. It is also a good idea to encourage new migrant workers to use employee modules to help them learn more about their workers` rights and avoid possible disagreements. All modules contain links to support information. You can use our employment contract manufacturer to establish an employment contract for your employees that meets your organization`s requirements. Employers cannot force a worker to work more than the hours agreed in his employment contract. If a worker agrees to work overtime, he or she must receive appropriate compensation (at least the minimum wage) for work of more hours. They may have an individual agreement or be part of a collective agreement. Some catering companies rightly have a choice of casual workers, but due to misunderstandings, these agreements can often be hijacked by employers.

Using a casual agreement for an employee who is actually not a real casual gambler can have costly consequences for your business. In the hotel and restaurant sector, public holidays are often the busiest times for businesses. Your employer may want you to work. New Zealand`s workplace and the way we communicate in the workplace can be very different for many new migrant workers. Work in the hotel and restaurant sector in New Zealand may differ from other countries. New migrant workers may not be aware of some of the rules and regulations we have in New Zealand hotels. New Zealand`s workplace health and safety system may also be different. Most New Zealand employers do not exploit their workers, but a small number may exploit people who do not know their minimum employment rights.

Confidential employment, compensation and leave assistance and advice Changes in labour law mean that employers can no longer offer zero-hours contracts. Learn more about working hours (external link) on the Employment New Zealand website. This guide is for example for migrants who want to work or work in the hotel industry in New Zealand: our new manufacturer of employment contracts helps you create contracts tailored to your company and to each person you employ. It is filled with tips that will help you decide what to put in your contract – and what is not in place. This is what you need to do by law and also describes the frequent mistakes made by employers and how to avoid them. New Zealand appreciates the herds of migrant workers. No matter how long you stay in New Zealand, we want you to enjoy your time here. To make sure this is the right deal for your employment situation, you must read the guide to the types of jobs you also receive when you download the casual employment contract. Working in hospitality in New Zealand may be different from what she is used to. A casual employment contract should be used when work regimes apply very temporarily or for a limited period of time.

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