Nhs Pay Scales Agreement

The National Agreement on the Programme for Change provides for the obligation to set up a system of annual development reviews and to create opportunities for the development of lifelong learning. Employees have their own staff development plan, which has been developed jointly with their superior or expert. [20] Physicians who were appointed prior to 2003 and who have entered into new contracts may find their salary schedules in the above pay circle, Appendix A, Section 8. The AfC system assigns job recruitment positions to pay bands taking into account aspects of the work, such as the skills involved. B, as part of an NHS employment assessment program. [1] There are nine numbered wage categories that are divided into points, much like the old Whitley Council`s alphabetical salary tables. A number of national employment profiles have been adopted to help coordinate positions in the wage categories. [2] All employees are either adapted to a national profile or their work is evaluated on site. Theoretically, the AfC is designed to evaluate the work, not the person in it, and to ensure fairness between similar organizations in different areas. In fact, it has been implemented in different ways and, despite supposedly stricter definitions, some points have been evaluated very differently from similar bodies elsewhere. Approximately 5% of employees have appealed their initial banding[3], but again, the appeal process varies from site to site.

[Citation required] Recent indications indicate that London and Scotland use lower bands than elsewhere in the country. [Citation required] The Whitley NHS system has remained virtually unchanged since its launch, although there have been some changes. Yet it has been the subject of much criticism for decades. These criticisms have focused on their structure, complexity and over-concentration, due to their lack of flexibility and equivalent values. There was also concern that existing pay scales could not be easily adapted to the evolution of equal pay for work of equal value. [4] The framework agreement on which union members were consulted. The Change Programme came into force on 1 December 2004, following a consolidation between trade unions, employers and governments concerned. NHS AGB (AfC) Pay scales – including High Cost Area Supplement Download annual pay tables for 2020/21 in poster format.

Agenda for Change (AfC) is the National Health Service`s (NHS) current rating and compensation system for NHS staff, with the exception of physicians, dentists, apprentices and certain senior managers. It has more than one million people and harmonizes their salary scales and career plans into traditionally separate wage categories, which is the most radical change since the creation of the NHS. Read how the 2018 contract will affect emergency personnel. Wage scales and ranges on the change agenda cover the vast majority of NHS workers, with the exception of external contractors and very senior managers. The basic salary scale for NHS consultants in England. Negotiations on a new system began in February 1999, when the white paper on the agenda for change was published. [7] It aimed to address the problems of the Whitley system and stressed the need to change wages, career structures and employment conditions within the NHS.

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