Pharmaceutical Distributor Agreement

6.4 The distributor is required to maintain and ensure authenticity, the validity and effectiveness of all its authorizations, licenses and qualifications, and to maintain these authorizations, licenses and qualifications in accordance with the requirements and legal procedures established by applicable laws and regulations, including without restrictions, commercial license, certificate of good delivery practice (SPG), authorization to sell and sell drugs issued by the National Medical Product Administration of China, or to renew with jurisdiction. 4.2 Correction of the defective product. If Mikah accepts that a batch is a defective product, Mikah will replace the defective product or refund the total amount of all payments, including payments subject to the shipping obligation, made by DRL for that product. If Mikah disagrees with DRL`s finding that this product is a defective product, each party may, after making reasonable efforts to resolve disputes, forward a sample, batch registration and associated documentation of the product to a mutually agreed independent third party, who is an expert or is familiar with the industry, to determine whether the product complies with specifications or is otherwise defective. The results of the independent part are final and binding on both parties. If such results indicate that the product was defective, Mikah must replace the defective product or refund the total amount of all payments, including shipping costs, made by DRL for that product. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, the costs of the review and verification are borne by the non-dominant party. 8.4 The distributor collects data from its distribution channel (including, but not limited, to hospital inventory, inventory and customs warehouse of imported product) for product statistics with an expiration date of less than 9 months separately for each calendar month. The distributor informs CASI in writing of these statistics and sells the product that comes to an end with its best efforts to reduce its stock.

2.6 Sub-distributor. EuroGen may, under this article, authorize negotiators to promote, market, market or sell products domesticly. Within ten (10) days from the date of the appointment of such a negotiator, EuroGen SuperGen (i) communicates the identity of that negotiator, (ii) to the countries of the territory where the negotiator will market the products and (iii) to the specific products that the negotiator intends to market. EuroGen may sell or otherwise transfer products to a trader only if the trader enters into a written agreement (“negotiation agreement”) with EuroGen and binds the trader on terms substantially similar to the terms agreed by EuroGen in this agreement. EuroGen undertakes to terminate a trader`s right to market products without delay after it has been revealed that the distributor sells or markets products directly or indirectly in a manner that is not in accordance with the provisions of this Article 2. EuroGen strives to ensure (i) compliance with the provisions of this agreement and (ii) to monitor the activities of all negotiators. Any negotiation agreement contains provisions that make SuperGen a direct and intentional third party of this bargaining agreement. 4.3 When existing regulatory requirements change and there is disagreement over the interpretation of one aspect of the VPA and/or one of the contracting parties requests a review of these VPAs due to problems or conflicts related to legal or regulatory requirements, the contracting parties agree to review and, if necessary, amend and/or revise the terms of these VPAs.

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